What type of foods do we need to eat?


According to Bhagavadgita, there are three gunas in every human being and they are dependent on the food we eat.

  1. Sattva Guna (Purity)
  2. Rajo Guna (Activity)
  3. Tamo Guna (Darkness, Destruction)

Sattva Guna (Purity):- It will enhance the clarity of the mind and also the knowledge system.
Foods that are Sattvic
Whole grains, raw honey, sprouts, seeds, nuts, legumes, butter & milk, fruits, vegetables, etc…,

Rajo Guna (Activity):- It will create more confusion, negativity, aggression, passion, ambition, and envy of others’ success.
Foods that are Rajasic
Chocolate, salt, eggs, fish, tea & coffee, sharp spices, etc…,

Tamo Guna (Darkness, Destruction):- Causes Irritation, more depression in mind, sleep, laziness, hatred, anger, resentment, violence, and doubt.
Foods that are Tamasic
meat, alcohol, canned foods, leftover foods, etc…

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