Why Disease? from the book “Yoga Vyayama Vidya”

All health may be attributed to three causes namely, hereditary environment and Yama, Niyama i.e., positive and negative habits.

Through Yama and Niyama, man can overcome the handicaps of the hereditary environment.

To avoid disease, observe the following:

  1. Breathe fresh air

  2. Take a wholesome and nutritious diet, and meals at regular intervals.

  3. Take sufficient rest, and daily baths, develop the body and mind on healthy lines.

  4. Observe continence, think of God and divinity.

  5. Avoid bad habits, stimulants, and evil company, over-eating, indulgence in loose talks, and overwork.

  6. Do not remain idle.

  7. Do not stay awake late at night, or sleep during the daytime.

  8. Avoid Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha, and Mada Mascharya.

  9. You must also take a rest.

  10. You must take light, Sattwic food, fresh air, and avoid worrying yourself.

  11. You must have absolute faith in and surrender yourself to the goodness of God.

  12. And if you regularly do Asanas like Surya namaskarasAnjenaya namaskaras, and Pranayamams, you will acquire the power of concentration and strength of your body, and then all your diseases will disappear.


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